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two words

Words are powerful. Just a few words spoken at the right time could change the trajectory of someone's life. During a difficult season a friend sent me a message that included the words, keep breathing. At the time I didn't think much of them, but within a few weeks of that message I started dealing with debilitating anxiety attacks. During the first attack and almost 20 minutes of struggling to breathe, I heard those words again. Those two simple words changed my life that day. Now they are on my arm. I continue to share them every chance that I get.

Don't do life alone

Don't do life alone exists to share hope through words, music and conversations. Podcasts are a great way to encourage people and start having important dialogue about life, faith, struggles and everything in between. Who knows where these conversations could lead. 

The Keep Breathing Podcast includes: monologue, co-hosts, interviews, truth, humor, music, testimonies, etc. The goal of the KBP is to talk about real life and share real hope, one conversation at a time.